TCP Wave is a disruptive TCP variant with sender-only modifications. TCP Wave changed the data transport paradigms: from window based to burst-based transmissions, from congestion reaction to proactive congestion avoidance, from slow start to quick start, from buffer floating to the optimum equilibrium point achievement.
TCP Wave has been validated in very challenging scenarios, such as SDN variations, network handovers, 5G networks, HTTP2.0, IoT.

Use for your experiments the new TCP Wave protocol, available for the simulation platform NS3 and Linux based operating systems. Please read and cite:
Abdelsalam, A., Luglio, M., Roseti, C. Zampognaro, F., 2017. TCP Wave: A new reliable transport approach for future Internet, Computer Networks, 112, pp.122-143, doi: 10.1016/j.comnet.2016.11.002

Downaload, installation procedure and examples: