1+1 doesn’t always make 2. With RomARS you can do more.
A single connection is sometimes not enough. Two connections allow for better performance and greater reliability.
But aggregating the traffic of two connections is not easy. Years of advanced research allow RomARS to position itself as a leader in multi-access and multi-transport technology.

The MultiPath TCP and MultiPath QUIC solution of RomARS allows you to aggregate two or more connections and thus create new virtual connections that inherit the performance and benefits of the underlying real connections.
The network operator can therefore offer its customers new connections that are more efficient and reliable than those individually available from the customer.

Features of the RomARS solution:
● Compatible with both TCP and QUIC
● Works both transparently to traffic or as a proxy
● Multipath function that allows traffic to be aggregated on two or more connections
● Possible aggregation options:
– Sum of speeds
– Sum of capacities
– “Hot redundant” backup, i.e. use the second link if the first fails
– “high resiliency” backup, duplicate packages on both links for guaranteed package delivery
– Best channel (lower BER channel)
– Low latency (lower latency channel)

Advantages of the RomARS solution
● Available both in dedicated hardware and as a virtual machine that can be integrated into the operator’s systems
● It has a web interface for operator configuration and monitoring
● It provides a full set of information, real-time data and KPIs that can also be integrated with machine learning systems
● Settings are available for pre-optimization of satellite channels
● RomARS develops the system and directly follows the implementation and execution in the field

For further information and details on the research project that led us to this solution: https://romars.tech/en/project/quicos/