Access via Wi-Fi with full control from a 5G network. The most secure and controlled way to access to a 5G network via Wi-Fi.
RomARS makes available both the WiFi “trusted access point” (TNAP) and the 5G network interconnection gateway (TNGF).
The Trusted access allows maximum UE access control, registration and authentication, and maximum control of allocated network resources and available traffic.

TNAP and TNGF: network functions to add non-3GPP trusted access functionality to the 5G Core Network. Includes both Trusted Wi-Fi Access Point (TNAP) and TNGF Gateway.

Key Technical Information
● Installation Options:
– TNAP with integrated Access Point available in dedicated COTS hardware
– The TNGF pre-configured in the same hardware as the TNAP
– Alternatively, the TNGF can be installed “In-Cloud” or as a Virtual Machine (VM) at your premises
● TNGF integrates with your 5G Core via standard N2/N3 interfaces. Same role as RAN/gNB
● TNGF Can be co-located or connected via VPN to 5G CN
● TNAP enables trusted access via high-performance Wi-Fi

Key features of the TNGF
● Native 3GPP or gNB-compatible mode
● Full support and application of 5G QoS
● Up to 4 Gbit/s aggregate throughput per vCore
● Multiple scalability options to support an unlimited number of TNAPs, user equipment (UE) and PDU sessions
● The TNGF can be connected with one or more TNAPs
● IPSec servers with NAT-Traversal support
● Includes 3GPP RADIUS servers
● Secure connection with TNAP(s)
● Web graphical user interface for configuration and monitoring

Key features of TNAP
● Includes 3GPP RADIUS clients
● Access to trusted 5G and L2 authentication procedures via Wi-Fi
● Mapping 5G QoS to Wi-Fi QoS
● Based on hostapd or OpenWRT

Available Accessories
A Virtual Machine (VM) is available to emulate the User Equipment (EU) for untrusted non-3GPP access via TNAP and TNGF
A Standalone 5G Core Network platform is available that is compatible with trusted access.

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All RomARS solutions include the support of RomARS’ R&D and Developer team for fast installation and integration into your lab!